CAS Global is a Risk Management company with an international reach. We have significant skill sets and personnel in two key operational disciplines.  Within the Maritime Industry, we specialise in offshore support vessels & personnel, mainly, but not exclusively, for oil & gas multinationals.  We also work with multi-national shipping companies and consortiums to provide vessel escort services in high risk areas.

In our land based division, we specialise in Corporate Consultancy Services, including Risk Assessments, Site Assessment Surveys, Threat / situational Awareness briefings, Country briefings and IT Security.  We can also specify, source and install intruder detection and access control systems, and will always ensure our high calibre personnel are specifically trained for each individual task.  We will always utilise technology where appropriate and never lose sight of the specific needs of the client. 

The key value to clients lies in our ability to transform a theoretical risk assessment into an actionable, deliverable, operational plan. This is achieved by CAS employing personnel with significant & relevant operational success, coupled with an innovative use of appropriate technology to deliver 24 x7 corporate productivity.

CAS Business Principals Statement.

• CAS is committed to building a business that is responsible as well as profitable – how we achieve those results is as important as the results themselves.

• CAS will, wherever possible, fulfill its professional and contractual obligations by deterrence rather than confrontation.  

• CAS supports the philosophy of voluntary principles on Security and Human Rights.

• In all business transactions CAS will seek fairness, transparency, integrity and insistence of the highest ethical behaviour by all parties.

• CAS does not tolerate corruption.

• We will advocate & comply with local and international rules of law, regulations and licensing.

• It is our long-term policy to conduct business and invest in a manner that considers both the economic, social & environmental needs of communities in which we work.

• We build & develop ongoing relationships within the communities where we work, together with Governmental and Non Governmental Organisations.

• We will comply with all laws, rules & regulations that are applicable to our business & private lives within the country where we operate.

• Safety is a key deliverable for CAS, both for our clients & our own staff.

• CAS believes in Equal opportunity standards for employment and partnerships.